We are black software developers creating a welcoming community to grow our skills, share knowledge and help each other progress through our careers. Whether you're just starting out, or you're well along in your career, join us.

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Whine Down Wednesday

Whine Down Wednesday hosted by Upside Travel(! A social event to meet, relax and discuss items in tech that frustrate us as developers.

Our topics will be free range software developm...
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Deeper Than Your DMs with Tyrone E. Wilson

Join us while Tyrone E. Wilson of D.C. Cyber Security Professionals teaches us how to gain information on a person or agency. The internet contains information about nearly every person and/or company. This information can be used by attackers to eventually gain access to a...
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Triple Meetup: Data Blitz (Black Code Collective, DevOps DC, Women Who Code DC)

Join us for our first ever Triple Meetup! In partnership with Women Who Code DC and DevOpsDC, we are bringing you a series of short presentations about a variety of topics which should appeal to everyone. Interested in speaking? Submit a proposal here! => more details



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